Will the bank lend me when I want little? | Loan offers

Do you find the question in the title paradoxical? If you live in the misconception that the less you want to lend, the less trouble it will be, wake up. Reality is like a cold shower. Few banks on the market will offer you the possibility of borrowing below $ 30,000.

This bank is the largest not only in the Czech Republic but also in the whole of Europe. For those interested, Good Finance offers a loan for as little as $ 20,000, with an interest rate of 9.9%, no liability required and a number of additional services can be arranged for the loan. You can choose your maturity here – from 12 months onwards, provision and maintenance is free of charge.

The company has been operating


On the Czech market for many years and offers loans from $ 20,000. The loan is without liability, with an interest rate of 8.9% , the fee for providing the loan is 1% of the value of the loan, at least 500 dollars, the fee for management is 99 $ / month. The loan is free of charge. Find out more about Raiffeisen bank loans.

Here, Good Credit will offer you a loan of at least 10,000 dollars with interest starting at 6.9%. The maturity can be set from six months, you do not need a guarantor or intermediary and you can borrow what you want. the fee for providing the loan is not paid, the fee for the management is 99 $ / month. The loan can be fully processed online.

Perhaps the lowest possible loan – from as low as $ 5,000, can be handled at E-Money. it is completely free of charge, it can be settled online and the bank’s clients can get it immediately. The interest rate is from 8.9% and the bank also offers rewards for early repayment of the loan.

Non-banking companies


If for any reason the offer of Czech banks does not suit you and you still need the money, there is also a possibility to contact non-banking companies, where you can succeed in case of relatively low amounts.

Many, as opposed to banks, limit new clients to the maximum amount of their first loan to test their ability to repay, as they often lend money without having to prove their income.


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