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Where Everton and Liverpool rank in the list of most expensive replica shirts

For football clubs, there are few more profitable merchandising tricks than releasing new replica jerseys.

Selling jerseys is big business, especially when these jerseys are sold all over the world, and the 2021/22 season will see Everton and Liverpool wearing new home and away kits, as is the case with most of the top clubs. from Europe.

The price of replica jerseys has increased dramatically over the years, and across European football the Premier League compares favorably, albeit well beyond what many fans would consider a reasonable price.

A study by 888 Sport focused on the price of replica shirts across Europe and found that the Premier League had the lowest average price per standard home shirt, with prices sourced from retail sections. official club websites.

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The average price for a Premier League shirt was £ 58.09, compared to £ 70.38 on average in Ligue 1, an average of £ 70.05 in the Bundesliga, £ 68.07 in Serie A and £ 64.78 in La Liga.

Everton, whose kits are made by Hummel, had the sixth cheapest Premier League jersey at £ 55, with Burnley topping the list with his replica jersey price at £ 45.

Liverpool, which struck a potentially lucrative multi-year deal with US sports giant Nike last year, became one of the most expensive in the Premier League at £ 69.95, second to Chelsea and just five pence behind the most expensive in the league, Tottenham Hotspur.

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Nike was the second most expensive replica jersey supplier in European football with an average price of £ 70.45, behind the most expensive Le Coq Sportif brand at £ 73.05, Macron third at £ 69.60.

Former Liverpool kit supplier New Balance was the sixth most expensive brand at £ 68.73, while Hummel was 14th most expensive with an average price of £ 55.29 per replica jersey.

Nike’s replica jerseys were priced £ 1.80 higher than their main rival Adidas, which partners with kits like Manchester United, and given the nature of Liverpool’s incentive deal with Nike, where 20% royalties are derived from the sale of licensed club products. around the world are donated to the Reds on top of their £ 30million a year lump sum fee, potentially equating to millions in additional income.

As for the rest of Europe, Barcelona and Italian team Cagliari had the most expensive jerseys at £ 81.64, while Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Eintracht Frankfurt, Lazio and Lyon, Marseille and Rennes all had a price tag of £ 77.35 to see them second, with Inter, Rome and Bordeaux at £ 77.34. Fiorentina had by far the cheapest shirt in Europe at £ 33.52, their kit made by Kappa.