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WATCH: Road trip pants and shirts revealed

You know that Rock M Nation is a pro-Block M helmet and me/the royal we demand that said square letter be constantly displayed on football team helmets.

Good news! They did it!

Better news! They brought back the classic Big 8 look with white shirts and black pants!

Bad news! Uh….

So, if you didn’t know, since Missouri’s athletic uniforms renaming in 2012, there’s been a “MIZZOU” planted right above the numbers.

Well, if you didn’t know this before, you certainly do now:

Compare that to this:

The new Mizzou font has all the subtlety of a raptor with a chainsaw shouting a racial slur.

The new Mizzou font is so big that even Ed Hochuli is like “brother, you gotta turn it down a bit”.

The new Mizzou font is what happens when you let your grandparents borrow your laptop so they can “Google Fox News”.

The rest of the cup is clean as hell, though, and harkens back to when Missouri and K-State fought over who could claim to be the 6th best team in the Big 8. Ah, nostalgia.

I’ve been very clear about my intentions that this combo can’t be beat when it comes to a united road trip but, as I ask every week, what do you think?


This week’s shirt and pants combo is…

  • 41%
    Elite. Block M 4eva

    (119 votes)

  • 41%
    Good. Needs some tweaking but it’s super close

    (120 votes)

  • 6%
    I have no opinion on the shirts and pants that the Missouri football team wears.

    (19 votes)

  • 5%
    Wrong. Why are we trying to go back to when Missouri sucked?

    (15 votes)

  • 5%
    Wrong. Get your geriatric font and junk mail in bulk. OF. HERE.

    (15 votes)

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