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UK viewers of Furious Married At First Sight slam Whitney as she calls Duka ‘fake’

Fans of FURIOUS Married At First Sight UK have slammed Whitney after calling her husband ‘fake’.

The newlyweds continued to face off during their honeymoon in South Africa on Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight UK.


Duka accused Whitney of not trying to make it work between themCredit: E4
Whitney angrily called Duka a


Whitney furiously called Duka “fake” during dinner1 credit

As the couple sat down to dinner together after spending the day on safari, Whitney shocked Duka by telling him she had lost her wedding ring.

He asked, “You lost the ring?”

Looking puzzled, Whitney replied, “The ring got lost.”

When Duka mentioned having a replacement ring, Whitney joked, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

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She then turned things around on Duka and said, “It’s a one-sided thing. [between us]. You have a shiny facade, you’re just not that person.”

Duka agreed he had two sides and told him: “I’m clearly trying to make it work but you have your frustrations with me.

“Even as I speak, you roll your eyes.”

But Whitney fired back, “You’re talking shit! Stop being fake, be you!”

Viewers at home took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the row, with most siding with Duka.

One wrote: “Whitney told Duka to stop being fake, but all she did was play in front of the cameras with a fake, bitchy personality.”

Another said: “The fact that Whitney thinks Duka is fake and people can’t just be really nice is actually very sad.”

And a third added: “Duka is not pretending to be Whitney, he is making an effort. Maybe you should give it a try.”