Replica shoes

This guy paid R4500 for fake branded shoes!

A lot can happen in the world of online shopping…

Man holds fake white sneakers/Twitter/@PrinceMudi

We’ve seen our fair share of “what you ordered vs. what you got” experiences.

But people still get caught up in the big online scam…

Somehow they get sucked in by online vultures who talk and walk like that…but deliver counterfeits.

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Whoever that salesman is, they’re probably sitting in a small room somewhere, feeling really proud of themselves for scamming people.

It never means it’s fair or acceptable, so we certainly feel for this guy who paid R4,500 for what he thought were Alexander McQueen sneakers.

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The tweeps were anything but friendly with him, so hopefully that teaches him.

The silver lining is that he might possibly get a return for the item because someone said a similar thing happened to them.

We have to admit, we loved this comment from a guy who sells shoes online. He really took the opportunity to market his business.

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