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These 8 Celebrities Got In Trouble With Trademarks Because Of Their Cars

Being a celebrity brings with it a lot of things that everyone wants: fame, money, and an amplified platform. Plus, every gearhead wants to fill their garage or driveway with their favorite cars if their pockets allow, and for that reason, celebrities aren’t all that different. Artists all over the world love to splurge extravagantly, and most, if not all, enjoy creating car collections that are the envy of the world. However, it’s not always roses, because like the rest of us, celebrities also have problems with their cars, no matter how high-end their wheels are.

Often automakers don’t take too kindly to their high-end and popular customers talking negatively about their cars, as this ensures that the criticism would find an amplified platform, due to the celebrity fans. Some manufacturers like Ferrari simply don’t like having their cars criticized, making the Maranello marque one of the most infamous when it comes to blacklisting celebrities. Moreover, on several occasions, brands have even gone further and sued celebrities who have spoken ill of their cars or simply discredited their name in some way. In that vein, here are some celebrities who got into trouble because of their cars.

8 Tyga-Rolls Royce

Popular tabloid TMZ reports that American rapper Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, known as Tyga, rented two cars in 2016. Those two cars were a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost and a Ferrari 458 Spider. Surprisingly, however, the artist stopped making his payments before the end of the lease, which resulted in the cars being repossessed.

That wasn’t all, as the dealership involved reported that Tyga still owed around $45,000 for the Ferrari 458 Spider and nearly $100,000 for the Rolls-Royce Ghost. It even led to the company filing a lawsuit against Tyga for the amount, which also included interest and legal fees. Of course, the reports have a chance of being a little exaggerated, but as far as Ferrari is concerned, the bad publicity surrounding this incident alone led to the brand blacklisting the artist from its client list.

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seven Deadmau5 – Ferrari

There are two certain things in the world. First, anyone with money and fame would love to bring home a Ferrari, and we can’t blame them. Second, when it comes to car controversies in the celebrity world, most of them would include the prancing horse. The brand has very high standards with customers and what they are allowed to do with their Ferraris even after leaving the dealership.

When Canadian music producer Deadmau5 decked out his Ferrari 458 Italia in sky blue and completely decked it out with a Nyan Cat meme vinyl, the brand wasn’t happy. Ferrari, hated, served Deadmau5 with a letter of formal notice for his 458 Italia, which he had nicknamed the “Purrari”. Therefore, the music producer had to return his car to its original white paint.

6 John Cena-Ford

The Ford GT is one of the most renowned sports cars in the world, and with good reason. When Ford decided to revive the GT for a new generation in 2016, they also slowed down production, to ensure that the car’s exclusivity was never affected. Naturally, all the big names wanted a GT for themselves, and WWE superstar and movie star John Cena wanted one too. After all, the man is a popular gearhead and even managed to land himself a role in the latest Fast and Furious installment.

Knowing how high the demand for their car is, Ford had implemented a 24-month “anti-flip” rule, which prevented owners from reselling their car within the first two years of purchase. However, Cena sold his car to a retired farmer for almost triple the retail amount of half a million dollars with only 30 miles on the clock. As a result, Ford sued Cena as well as the dealer involved in the resale. The lawsuit dragged on for some time and ended when Cena’s attorneys announced that the case had been settled and all proceeds were going to charity. Cena himself apologized for breaking the rules established by Ford, professed his love for the brand and the car, and even urged other Ford GT owners to abide by the 24-month anti-flip law.

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5 50 Cent-Ferrari

By now, it’s no secret that Ferrari doesn’t care how tall a celebrity is if it discredits their brand. So when popular rapper 50 Cent took to social media platform Instagram, Maranello wasn’t too thrilled. 50 Cent had a Ferrari 488 that kept having problems with a dead battery. Consequently, 50 Cent had to have his Ferrari towed, while posting on Instagram as he berated the car and the brand.

Perhaps the tipping point was when the artist went so far as to call the Ferrari 488 “damn lemon”. Although Ferrari (surprisingly) didn’t prosecute the rapper over his outburst, it also led to 50 Cent being added to the marque’s blacklist.

4 Jenna Jameson – Maserati

Famous adult film star Jenna Jameson couldn’t avoid an angry automaker suing her. According to the Toronto Sun, Jenna was sued by a car rental company after the X-rated movie star rented a Maserati Quattroporte S since 2010 but stopped paying her monthly payments prematurely.

This led Maserati Financial Services to slap Jenna Jameson with a $100,000 lawsuit. Tabloid website TMZ even reported that according to legal documents obtained by them, Maserati Financial Services bosses claimed the movie star failed to comply with repossession of the car.

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3 Philipp Plein Ferrari

In 2017, German fashion designer Philipp Plein got into trouble with Ferrari over his Instagram posts, among other things. Plein posted a series of images on social media with his sneakers on the hood of his green Ferrari, with the shoes and car in matching colors. Ferrari did not like it and sued the designer for tarnishing the brand’s name and causing property damage to it.

Ferrari claimed that Plein used the Ferrari brand to increase the value of and promote its own brand and products. It was Ferrari that ended up winning the case, forcing Plein to pay 300,000 euros ($310,000) to the Italian manufacturer. Moreover, he also had to pay legal fees, which amounted to approximately $25,000. The German also had to remove all Ferrari vehicles from his social media ads.

2 Justin Bieber – Ferrari

Global pop sensation Justin Bieber has had a series of problematic events with his Ferraris. First, Bieber, after buying himself a Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition, went to customs on the West Coast to personalize it. Although Ferrari allows minor changes to their car in the name of customization, they don’t like extreme changes, but Bieber ignored that. Originally white, the singer had his 458 Italia wrapped in electric blue, and even went so far as to fake the Prancing Horse logo.

That wasn’t the only problem, however, as Bieber would be blacklisted by Ferrari for another offence. Apparently, Justin lost his Ferrari for three whole weeks after a drunken night out in Los Angeles. It would have taken the singer’s assistant three whole weeks to find the car. So, it’s not too surprising that Ferrari isn’t selling to Bieber anytime soon.

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1 Britney Spears – Hummer H2

No one blames the celebrities and stars of the 1990s and 2000s for succumbing to the cultural trend of buying a Hummer. Even Britney Spears, the princess of pop, got herself one of these SUVs. Unleashing her creativity, Spears customized her Hummer with an all-pink paint job and proudly featured the car in a music video for her 2004 song. Do something.

However, it seems that Britney went too far in customizing her vehicle, as she went ahead and installed fake Louis Vuitton emblems on her Hummer. This led the prestigious luxury brand to sue Spears for $300,000 for her careless mistake. The brand won the lawsuit and Britney was ordered to stop airing or marketing the music video. Considering how tacky the SUV was after the custom work, we doubt anyone complained about not being able to see it more.