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The most iconic fictional food brands of all time

There’s just something about the birds and Paddy’s Pub, the dive bar at the heart of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” There are countless examples: Dee (Kaitlin Olson) being constantly compared to a bird, the Birds of War wrestling entry, and repeated claims that Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) is a quasi-expert in bird law. But nothing can match Charlie and Mac’s (Rob McElehenny) signature performance-enhancing drink creation, Fight Milk.

A product “designed by bodyguards, for bodyguards”, Fight Milk is just one of many wacky projects cooked up by Paddy’s gang over the show’s 15 (and counting) seasons from of 2022. Yet the easy chemistry between Mac and Charlie in the ad — for a product Charlie says, with deranged pride, he consumes “every morning so he can fight like a crow” — helps elevate this brand. ridiculous fiction above all others.

The cast and writers clearly recognize the absolute madness of Fight Milk, as well as the unfathomable idea that anyone would be eager to drink something filled with crow’s eggs, milk, and (presumably) vodka. While it may not have become the official drink of the UFC, as Mac and Charlie hoped on the show, actual recipes do exist, as do cocktail-inspired cocktails (via InsideHook) for the bold drinkers.