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The Good Sleep Factor, O-Liners and Tucked-In Shirts, a New Coach’s Read on Team Vibe

Welcome to the Mash, a breakdown of Nebraska athletic stories you need to know and everything else that interests us along the way.

Hey, seriously, go to bed kids. It’s pinball week.

Scott Frost told the team to prepare for the trip to Ireland by starting to go to bed earlier and getting up earlier, preparing for the six-hour jet lag. Dublin time is 6 hours ahead with kick off next Saturday at 5.30pm while it is 11.30am here.

“That’s going to be the biggest part of the trip is getting a good night’s sleep,” the Nebraska left guard said. Turner Corcoran.

Nebraska will travel up to 119 players for the trip, but can only accommodate 74 under Big Ten rules. Final calls on who will dress will be based on the value of special teams.

Frost applauded his team’s focus all camp and doesn’t think they’re about to lose it now. Nebraska residents emphasize “business” as the nature of this trip. “We tried to think of everything for them,” the head coach said. “If I was their age, I would want everything done as much as possible for them so I can focus on what I need to focus on.”

One of the main leaders of the O line, Corcoran recognizes the somewhat “awkward” nature of the start of this season: playing in week zero, in another country, in a stadium intended for rugby or football.

“It’s a great thing because not everyone can do it, but the team that prepares for it professionally will be the ones that win,” Corcoran said.

Nebraska leaves on Monday. As for that first day there, Frost said several weeks ago: “We will try to make our players sleep by going there, then give them some time, make them work without training and getting up the next day and trying to pick up where we left off. We have a plan for that. A lot of that, we got help from really smart people. A few guys who have been on NFL teams that have gone to London before.”

from the northwest Pat Fitzgeraldmeanwhile, said his team had to “step up” to the challenge and even though it wasn’t a bowling match, he hopes his team can build on some of their recent successes through long travels and extended stays at a gambling site.

“I’ve got enough veteran teams and a group of veterans. We’ve been pretty good at bowl games lately when we got there,” Fitzgerald said on Big Ten Media Days. “When we go there I think we’ve won four games in a row and I think we have a pretty good plan on how to handle a game off matchweek, if that makes sense. But we have to play a lot better than we did at Lincoln last year.”

After that game, Frost knows there’s an upcoming challenge for the week ahead against North Dakota, with his team not returning from a long flight from Dublin until 3 or 4 a.m. Sunday morning, local time. Lincoln.

But, you know, one bridge at a time. It’s a billion times easier to wipe out sleep that Sunday if a W was collected.

In fact, it hasn’t seemed like a long offseason for Corcoran, and there’s a reason his shirt is tucked in if you see him walking around. Although you can expect to see plenty of other great men walking alongside him at the sound of things.

Offensive lineman Husker said he felt like Nebraska had just played Iowa two weeks ago. And while he missed the spring with some maintenance recovery, he feels “pretty good” about where he is now.

“There are things I need to work on in both pass blocking and run blocking, but Coach (Donovan) Raiola and Coach (Aaron) Coeling, they’ve both done an incredible job in infusing their ideas with their running and passing games in our system,” he said. “Everything has been going really well so far.”

While Raiola did not confirm his disposition online this week, Corcoran said his focus was left on guard throughout camp. Perhaps the biggest issue for both the coach and Corcoran is having cohesion and getting five to work as one.

“Since the winter, the whole offensive line has done a really good job of staying together as one group: going to the weight room, going to lunch, going to dinner, going to meetings all together… You can ask anybody on the team. They laugh at us for tucking in our shirts and doing little things together,” Corcoran said. “But at the same time, I think we’re all pretty tight-knit and little it doesn’t matter which five we deploy there, or six. We’re just going to play ball.”

Corcoran was absent for most of fall camp last year and the year before was the odd COVID season. So, even though he missed a limited amount of time at this camp, he felt it was truly the first “true fall camp” for him leading up to a season, which he hopes will pay off.

“I get the grind now. I get everything about it,” he said at the start of his third year as a Husker. “And once you figure it out, you know how to attack it and I think I did a great job doing it.”

Always interesting to have a new coach’s reading on the overall image of a team. Obviously coach of the running backs of Nebraska Bryan Applewhite wouldn’t say out loud that things stink, but the coach who came over from TCU seems genuinely excited about what the Huskers can be.

“I love the vibe,” Applewhite said. “From what I’ve seen, from spring prom to summer practices and those 18 practices or whatever practices we’ve had at camp, it’s a very hungry team, c It’s a very impatient team, it’s a team that wants to please, it’s a team that wants to play hard for each other, it’s a team that wants to play hard for the state of Nebraska.

“They’re a team that kind of have a little chip on their shoulder. They’re a team that’s ready to go out there and see the culmination of the hard work we’ve done since January show up on the pitch. .”

Applewhite still has to make tough calls on his running back rotation, but some of that has to come from getting out of play as well.

What he likes is that there have been few mental errors on his part in this camp, which tells him that they are preparing as they should.

He said during the game that he was looking for that guy who can’t be tackled, who sees the blitzes, who doesn’t miss the little things as a game develops. “Who’s the one whose day it’s just? And it could be one or two. It could be three. It’s just a feeling. I was in the game where I had three running backs rushing over 100 yards. I got two. I got one for 250.”

Coach just wants a flow, and he wants to make sure someone’s always fresh.

“If they’re 20 carries before the fourth quarter, how fresh is it?” said Applewhite. “As I spoke to them (this week), when the fourth trimester comes around, that’s when dogs need to show up.”