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T-shirts, free agents and general lameness

Baker t shirts. Buy now! (Picture: Internet)

Hello Cleveland Browns fans!

Welcome to Labor Day weekend! We keep the lights on here at OBR, but most of our staff are enjoying the weekend and taking a break before the regular season madness begins.

I will continue to spin these newswires as long as the local media continues to feed us stories of Browns, of which there are few today. What there are are mostly quarterbacks that most of us would rather forget about at this point. But, in the absence of real news, they are getting attention today.

Yours truly will keep an eye on things, but my day is built around Ohio State playing Notre Dame. Since I have to watch the Browns, so as not to sound even dumber when I talk about the game, I reserve complete frivolity for my beloved Buckeyes. There will be smoked wings. There will be alcohol. There will be TBBITL and tradition. I will be scarlet and gray. It will be glorious.

(If you’re a Buckeye hater, don’t judge. I went there in both undergrad and graduate school. My tOSU pride is deserved.)

Here’s what’s happening in Browns-world today as the team and media take it easy over the long weekend (no practices):

Browns fishing for free agents
The Browns had OT Joe Haeg for a visit. The 6’6” big tackle used to protect Carson Wentz at the NSDU and has bounced around the league in recent years, most recently visiting the Raiders and emerging without a contract. The team was also working on a contract with the great TE Jesse James, who as a tight end is, uh, big. The veteran was picked in the fifth round by the Steelers and has since been with the Lions and Bears. He had a great start to his career receiving the ball with the Steelers, but he has fallen off recently.

Baker allows aggressive t-shirts
Shortly after strenuously denying he ever said he was going to ‘F Up’ the Browns, ex-Browns QB Baker Mayfield released ‘Off the Leash’ shirts for the Browns game with a local company of t-shirts. So much for being above the fray; Mayfield undermines his lame attempts to keep the Browns demotivated by shooting Stefanski via overpriced underwear.

Johnny Manziel can get a Netflix document
Dear Lord, I can’t express how much I care about this huge disappointment and wasted first-round pick. Hopefully Jimmy Haslam can find that homeless man who told him to recruit Manziel and bring him over to watch. But, people are slowing down to check for car crashes, and some will stop and watch this. Go away, Johnny. Leave.

Everything else
OT Mitchell Schwartz gets into Twitter fight with Browns fan for some reason; there’s a Browns mailbag and signs of regret from the salesman in Dallas.

That’s about it for today’s lame newswire. See you tomorrow when there’s something interesting to write about and discuss. Had a good time!