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Trax, a leading global provider of retail computer vision and analytics solutions, announces the launch of “Trax CPG NXT,” a suite of next-generation computer vision solutions designed to solve most important issues facing consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers today.


With Trax CPG NXT, customers benefit from over a decade of deep industry expertise and experience enabling brands to drive more effective and efficient in-store execution. The suite of solutions offers industry best practices for incremental growth. The four solutions include Trax Field Optimizer, Trax Perfect Store, Excellence in the Trax category and Trax Contract Complianceeach available now worldwide.


Trax Field Optimizer
Trax Field Optimizer gives sales reps and merchandisers real-time, computer vision-based shelf information to fix gaps in execution and drive incremental in-store sales. At headquarters, managers can leverage analytics dashboards to monitor and optimize the execution performance of their field teams.


Trax Perfect Store
Trax Perfect Store gives headquarters and field teams visibility into store conditions to manage their Perfect Store programs.


Excellence in the Trax category
Trax Category Excellence provides category teams with powerful shelving and trending insights across the entire category. This enables them to better manage innovation planning, assortment optimization and overall category growth, in addition to becoming trusted advisors to their retail clients.


Trax Contract Compliance
Trax Contract Compliance provides key account, category, and trade marketing teams with accurate visibility into how trade agreements are executed in stores. Teams gain meaningful insights and insights into the compliance process with retail partners to drive mutual growth and success.


“The introduction of Trax CPG NXT marks an important milestone for the company,” said Barak Turovsky, Chief Product Officer. “Focusing on both value and results for our customers has always been a point of pride for Trax. And with Trax CPG NXT, we’ve essentially bottled over 10 years of experience working with top CPG companies, emerging brands, and food retailers to deliver new, fit-for-purpose packaged solutions that meet the most great problems of planning, execution, measuring and optimizing the radius.” Turovsky goes on to add, “Beyond harnessing the power of our proprietary technologies in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things hardware, we leveraged our wide range of capabilities to equip our customers to digitize, analyze and optimize the retail space at scale.”


Global launch of Trax CPG NXT in India: Trax aims to help brands manage one of the world’s most complex retail ecosystems


“With the global launch of Trax CPG NXT, we are proud to offer CPG brands in India our latest suite of solutions that gives manufacturers greater visibility and control even in traditional unstructured retail environments. Trax has a proven track record in supporting CPGs in India and other Asia-Pacific markets to optimize their retail execution and increase sales in a very cost-sensitive environment,” said Karine Eloy, Director general APAC & EMEA. “With 12 million retail outlets, one million wholesalers and distributors and a multi-tiered structure, India’s food retail ecosystem – dominated by traditional commerce – is one of the most complexes in the world. We see huge opportunities to help brands navigate the unique Indian retail landscape.


Trax invites customers, partners and friends in the region to hear the company talk about Trax CPG NXT at Retail Technology Conclave 2022, hosted by the Retailers Association of India, in Mumbai on September 6-7.


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About Trax
Trax’s mission is to enable brands and retailers to harness the power of digital technologies to produce the best shopping experiences imaginable. Trax’s retail platform enables customers to understand and improve what’s happening on the shelves, in every store, at all times, so they can focus on what they do best: delight buyers.


Many of the world’s largest CPG companies, emerging brands and retail leaders use Trax’s shelf tracking, analytics, merchandising, shopper activation and engagement solutions at scale to drive positive shopping experiences and unlock revenue opportunities across all outlets.


As a pioneer in computer vision, Trax continues to lead the industry in innovation and excellence through the development of artificial intelligence-based solutions, data collection methods autonomous and on-demand merchandising capabilities. Trax is a global company with centers in the United States, Singapore and Israel. To learn more about Trax, visit