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Relief for meta users as company finally adds legs to its VR/Digital Information World avatars

If you’ve been following the metaverse and are a fan of VR avatars, we’re sure you’re familiar with the ‘legless avatars’ shown.

But luckily, you don’t have to worry anymore because the CEO of the company has released his digital creation which is seen with legs. And in case you didn’t know, it was one of the most important and requested features of all time. It sounds really weird, but one thing is for sure, Horizon Worlds seemed pretty incomplete with the offering.

Seeing so many digital characters moving from place to place left people confused. Imagine a person with no lower body. Yes, it’s creepy and weird and that’s why Zuckerberg was super excited to share the good news with his fans today by putting up his very own avatar with legs.

In case you’re wondering why it’s taken the firm so long to launch the proof, it’s because producing legs in animated versions isn’t straightforward. It is a complex event and not easy to animate. Therefore, the creators feared that it would serve as a distraction, more than anything else. As the CEO explained in his previous post, it’s hard to recreate and that’s why so many other VR systems don’t include them as well.

So the firm thought why not neglect the lower body as a whole. And turn the whole VR body into a super immersive system. Today, the company is working hard to ensure that the whole body unit functions as one unit through excellent computer algorithms on its VR app called Horizon Worlds.

Everything will now flow seamlessly and even if the avatar is sitting or looking at a computer screen, you will be able to see the legs in place.

Zuckerberg also hopes the move will silence critics who have called the Metaverse project a huge disappointment that’s not only disappointing, but also a waste of time and resources. Moreover, they even mentioned that it was humiliating that such a project would come up in the first place, considering how low-tech its design was.

In August, the CEO shared a photo showing off his avatar and many felt it was a replica of the graphics you’d see on apps like the Nintendo Wii that dated back to 2006.

But the firm reportedly mentioned how now the plan isn’t just to make a replica that was full body but looked as realistic as possible. That’s why at the recent Meta Connect conference held yesterday, we saw a stellar peak character in the form of an avatar introduce themselves. And it is clear that there was not much difference between the avatar and the face of the current CEO.

The results are all due to the company’s use of Avatar Codec, another name reserved for software that creates realistic avatars of people’s faces. Additionally, it is designed to recreate the most experienced sensations and expressions while the avatar performs various functions.

Meta knows that it takes advanced technology to produce avatars of this category. Therefore, it is about to introduce a new feature that will make life much easier for users. It’s called “Instant Avatar” which records videos of your face from different angles and then produces many kinds of facial expressions. In a few minutes you are done. Yes, it’s not as detailed as expected, but super real in terms of appearance.

It will certainly take some time to master the technology and the associated security risks. However, we believe that the company plans to introduce new legs for these avatars in this app before focusing on other body parts.

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