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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: brands celebrate Queen Elizabeth II

Although retailers have been selling Jubilee-themed memorabilia for a few weeks now, and brands such as Heinz have been paying tribute with limited-edition packaging, so far we’ve seen few advertising campaigns; it’s definitely not a Super Bowl royal. (Indeed, an agency executive told Ad Age he thinks advertisers may be “cautious” about the approach, given Queen, 96,’s advanced years and fragile health. more recent.)

Brands may also be hesitant to get involved in the platinum jubilee because the royal family “may be seen as associated with a particular demographic,” said Nikki Cunningham, chief executive of Curious, referring to older, patriotic consumers. . “But, from a brand perspective, it’s about knowing your audience and understanding how your brand can own something. When we have something that’s celebrated by a significant proportion of the country, that’s a great opportunity for a brand to add its own touch.

This week, advertisers including McDonald’s and Subway leaned into the festivities with themed royalty-themed campaigns, while others kicked off work to coincide with the opening of the new Elizabeth Line train service of London, named after Her Majesty.

Meanwhile, other events are unfolding on social media, where the Jubilee also has its own emoji – an image of the Queen’s favorite dog, the corgi, wearing a crown was unveiled last week.

And with inflation and the “cost of living crisis” currently dominating headlines as well as the war in Ukraine, some brands are also taking the royal opportunity to help the nation feel good about themselves.

“It’s great to see brands using their advertising to entertain with themed campaigns (McDonald’s ‘One’s Lovin’ It’ poster is especially fun), as opposed to just selling commemorative products,” commented Brian Sassoon. , strategic partner at Ogilvy UK. “This year more than anything, there is an appetite for levity and frivolity and Jubilee is the perfect opportunity for brands to have some fun.

Here’s a roundup of brands taking their hats off to Her Majesty: