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Primark is dividing shoppers by selling £4 shoes some say are ‘the ugliest ever’

Primark is selling a pair of slip-on shoes similar to the infamous Crocs clogs, but shoppers are unconvinced by the £4 shoes as some have called them “the ugliest ever”.

Primark sparked debate after selling £4 pair of shoes

Primark has come under fire for selling a pair of £4 shoes which are described as the ‘ugliest ever’ as a shopper said he would ‘never put them on my feet’.

Some shoppers had some nice things to say about the shoes, which come in a range of colors and look a lot like another ridiculed type of shoe – Crocs clogs.

But while a pair of Crocs will set you back £40, Primark sells these slip-ons for just £4 – but the design isn’t to everyone’s taste, as the Manchester Evening News reports.

A shopper was so unhappy he took a picture of the shoes and shared them on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page, and soon a fierce debate was sparked online.

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Some people loved them, with Shirley Medd saying, “They’re great to slip on when you’re biting to hang the wash.”

And another user named Spamm Ellward added: “I’ve done miles with these on my vacation, what a bargain it was.”

Then Carla Cass wrote, “Crocs are the best. Love them…crocs and socks for the win.”

“I’ve had them and love them,” Sophie Dooley said.

But other buyers weren’t so convinced, and they didn’t hold back in the comments.

Sharon Brannigan wrote: “Never, never, never will I put them on my feet – no way.”

And Suz Hufton-Milnes lambasted: “Ask yourself why they’re £4. They’re the ugliest shoes ever.”

Tina Richardson said, “Working in these clothes is one thing, but wearing them for fashion – uh, no. However, they’re great for mowing the grass – just rinse them off.”

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Wendy McGurty said: “Great for gardening.. Nothing else.”

And Sammie Hutchinson criticized: “I wouldn’t take a pair if they were free.”

Michelle Collins Williams commented, “Set ’em on fire.”

Kate Moscrop said: “They could be free and I would still leave them in the store.”

Primark has been approached for comment.

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