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Premier League’s most expensive replica shirts for 2022/23

The price of replica shirts at every Premier League club has seen anti-inflationary rises, our exclusive analysis reveals. But which clubs have the most expensive shirts?

Following one of England’s biggest football clubs can be an expensive undertaking, especially during a cost of living crisis.

Fans could pay up to £115 to buy a replica shirt for their favorite Premier League club this season, according to research by NationalWorld.

Across the 20 Premier League clubs, an adult replica shirt costs an average of £63 for 2022/23, a 23% increase against inflation over five years.

The most popular

Every Premier League club has seen shirt prices rise faster than inflation over the past five years, according to our analysis.

Tottenham Hotspur have the most expensive home kits this season, with their standard adults’ shirt costing £75, a children’s version priced at £60 and an ‘authentic’ replica of the shirt, as worn by players on the pitch, setting back fans of a staggering £. 115. The kits are produced by Nike.

A club spokesperson said: “The price increases from 2021/22 are the result of higher general costs such as manufacturing, materials and shipping. The 2022/23 kits continue to reflect the club’s and Nike’s commitment to serving fans with the most innovative and highest quality product possible.

“The club will reduce the price of printing shirts on the kids’ kit by £5. This means that the price of a children’s jersey with a player’s name and number on the back will remain the same as last season.

Spurs’ prices have been closely followed by those of Chelsea, who also have a kit produced by Nike. His replica shirts cost £74.95 for adults, £59.95 for children and £114.95 for the ‘genuine’ adult version.

Brentford have the cheapest adult shirts in the Premier League. The club are running a two-year lifecycle for their home kit to promote sustainability and their 2021-23 Umbro-produced shirts cost £49 for adults. The club also offers the cheapest replica children’s shirts, at £40 – the same price as at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Our analysis is based on the price of a standard non-custom home jersey for adult men and women, as well as the children’s version. For Leeds United, where supplier issues mean the home kit is not yet on sale, we have taken the price of the away kit.

Previous BBC research revealed that the average cost of a replica Premier League shirt five years ago in the 2017-18 season was £52 for adults. That’s £56 in today’s money, meaning shirt prices have risen nearly three times faster than inflation.

As well as a general inflation rate, the Office for National Statistics produces individual inflation figures for certain types of products, showing how prices have changed over the years.

This shows that ‘wearable clothing’ has become just 8% more expensive in the UK over the five years from June 2017 to June 2022.

Every Premier League club has seen shirt prices rise faster than this Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for clothing.

Fulham is the club that has seen the highest price increase for replica shirts above inflation. His adult shirt for this season is £70, up from £50 five years ago, a 40% increase.

The smallest price increase is in Southampton, where a shirt was also £50 five years ago but is now just £55, a 10% increase.

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