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No, the Northern Colorado Police Department does not sell shirts – it’s a scam

As evidenced by a recent Facebook post from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), our local police departments are busy — far too busy to sell t-shirts.

Still, that hasn’t stopped scammers from trying to steal your information under the guise of selling fake law enforcement products.

According to another Facebook post from the Erie Police Department (EPD), scammers are “selling” t-shirts bearing the EPD logo. A cheeky commenter noted that the shirts look “very good”, but the online link to buy them probably contains a virus.

“Erie PD does NOT sell t-shirts or endorse the use of its logo, patch or any other trademarks for sale to the public,” EPD said in the post. “Please DO NOT click on the link of someone trying to phish you.”

Merriam-Webster defines phishing as an attempt to trick people into revealing potentially harmful personal information via a deceptive email or website – or, in this case, a link to buy T-shirts.

The Greeley Police Department (GPD) also sees this scam on their social media pages.

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After sharing EPD’s Facebook post, the agency said it doesn’t sell t-shirts either; however, GPD joked that they pattern shirts using “poor photoshop skills” – and their public information officer is sad they can’t sell them.

Police department warnings have since kicked off requests for law enforcement products. We may have some when our officers are less busy.

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