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Next News Network launches new website and bills itself as “your right place for news”

CHICAGO, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Next News Network is delighted to announce that in addition to our YouTube channel, we now have a website where subscribers can get the latest news from a conservative perspective.

“It’s more important than ever that conservatives have a place to go for the truth. Next News Network was created to ensure that the free press continues to thrive by serving millions of Americans and viewers across the world every day. world. Next News Network has proven to be the conservative choice for news by surpassing over 2 billion views on YouTube. The website will provide a place to go to read the news and complement the YouTube channel.” Gary Franchi declared.

The website continues the company’s mission to provide free press to the world and features several new reporters and commentators. The website is divided into 6 categories: United States, Politics, White House, Culture, World and Business. Readers can easily choose the news category they want to read by navigating through the menu.

The site will provide engaging and exclusive coverage of important political, national and global events to Next News Network’s growing audience. It will also host many of Next News Network’s original news videos, linking them directly to related written content and giving readers more options on how to consume the news.

The launch of the site coincides with Next News’ 10th anniversary in June, as well as increased activity on Next News Network’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to better engage our audience and spread the word about important news. .

Gary S Franchi Jr. is executive producer and main presenter of The Next News Network, a YouTube channel with over 2.14 million subscribers and over 1.4 billion views. His work has been mentioned by the Chicago Tribune, New York TimesTHE GUARDIAN, HUFFPO, BUZZFEED, FORBES, WASHINGTON POST, THE VERGE, REUTERS, THE HILL, BUSINESS INSIDER and other national publications. Prior to Next News Network, Franchi was the main television news anchor for WHDT World News, head of the first Ron Paul Super PAC in 2012, and editor of nationally distributed REPUBLIC magazine. He produced 3 documentary films and was the national director of late by Aaron Russo Restore the Republic, a grassroots organization supporting sound monetary policy.

The Next News Network has provided unique insight to viewers around the world since 2012, but, says Franchi, “we wanted to take it a step further, to become the most comprehensive conservative news source there is.” Franchi continued, “For too long, mainstream and liberal media have dominated the news, and fake news was everywhere. I’ve spent my career working to change that, to make sure there’s a place to go and find the truth.”

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