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Merchandise store makes a quick decision on Texas shirts

College World Series merchandise can move quickly, until a team is eliminated.

When Texas became the first team eliminated on Sunday after a 10-2 loss to Texas A&M, the Omaha merchandise store quickly marked Longhorns T-shirts at 50% off.

The Aggies got some great performances off the mound from starter Micah Dallas, then Trevor Werner hit a game-tying single in a four-run second inning. That allowed the Aggies to end a nine-game CWS losing streak on Sunday with a 10-2 win over rival Texas, which was the Aggies’ fourth straight win in the series and ended the season. Longhorns.

“There’s a little more vibrancy behind everything, especially when it’s in Texas, because you just look at the fanbases, there’s a lot of real hatred between them,” Dallas said, according to The Associated Press. . “We sort of feed off of it. We respect them. It is an excellent ball club. But there’s a little more, I don’t know, competition.

A key development in the game came when Aggies reliever Jacob Palisch loaded the bases with two outs in the sixth inning and Ivan Melendez coming in at bat. Palisch struck out the national home run leader and .393 hitter, who goes by the nickname “Hispanic Titanic” on a called third strike.