Replica shoes

Meet the woman who makes shoes pretty enough to eat

A Norwich woman is making Bake Off inspired shoes so you can have your cake and wear it too.

Bake a Shoe creates shoes inspired by sweet treats like lemon drizzle and red velvet.

And 3D masterpieces look good enough to eat.

Owner Rachel Mattia, 40, said the idea came to her when she got married ten years ago.

Norwich Evening News: Pastel dreams with a cherry pumpPastel dreams with cherry pumps (Photo: Sanika Lilette)

“We were giving each other cake when my husband, Angelo, spread some on me,” she said.

“A friend of mine told me that the frosting that fell on my shoes looked really nice and she would buy more like it.

“My husband spent the next two years working on the design – we made a few pairs for friends but nothing major.

“It wasn’t until 2020 that our girls encouraged us to really go for it and it just escalated from there.”

Norwich Evening News: Bake a Shoe owner, Rachel MattiaOwner of Bake a Shoe, Rachel Mattia (Photo: Sanika Lilette)

Mrs. Mattia makes most of the shoes by putting the replica “icing” – which is a secret formula – in a pastry bag and decorating the shoes like you would a cake.

From heels to high tops, each shoe is inspired by popular baked goods such as gingerbread and strawberry shortcake. It also manufactures custom shoes for special occasions and accessories.

“I don’t have a background in art or baking, so this is all really new to me,” she said.

“We think about designs by going to many pastry shops, taking pictures and drawing.

“For a custom shoe, I’ll bake the cake myself to inform the design.

“Because it’s not my full-time job yet. I spend all my free time in the evenings and weekends decorating shoes.”

Ms Mattia, who lives in Norwich with her husband and two children, is currently working as a learning and development manager with a local tourism company.

She made shoes for RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Copper Topp and Ella Vaday and recently had a huge response to a social media post from Great British Bake Off.

Norwich Evening News: The Mint Chocolate Chip TopsHigh-top shoes with mint chocolate chips (Photo: Sanika Lilette)

“People also started asking me to make custom pairs of cake shoes for Bake Off, so I posted saying I was taking orders,” Ms Mattia added.

“I was so inundated with messages that I had to take the message down and tell people no.

“Eventually I would like to start a shoe bakery, but I don’t know if a physical store is our next step just because we have customers from all over the world.

“But we’ll be launching our Cake Club soon, where people can get first access to new collections and participate in giveaways. We’ve already had 11,000 people sign up.”

Norwich Evening News: Rachel Mattia makes one of her cake-inspired shoesRachel Mattia makes one of her cake-inspired shoes (Photo: Sanika Lilette)