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Man pays R4.5,000 for fake designer shoes

A young man has paid a high price for trying to buy discount luxury shoes. Taking to Twitter, the scorned man shared how he paid a hefty R4500 for a pair of white Alexander McQueen trainers. Unfortunately, when the “designer” shoes arrived, they weren’t Alexander McQueens but rather a really badly made replica with the words Alexander McQueen mixed in.

Over the past few years, hundreds, if not thousands, of Instagram “shops” have popped up online.

While many of them have built a good reputation for providing quality products to their customers, a number of them have gotten away with scamming unsuspecting customers.

A man took to Twitter on April 16 last month to share how he became the unfortunate victim of a seller selling counterfeit items at original prices.

According to the young handler @moemudi, he bought the designer sneakers for N115k (R4500). The originals can hand one over around R5500. Upon arrival, the letters on the sneakers that should have read “Alexander McQueen” read “Already MoQDSHN”.

“What I ordered VS what I got,” he captioned photos of the shoes he wanted versus the shoes he was delivered.

Netizens burst out laughing

The post received a number of reactions from social media users who have shared stories of how they too have been duped by fake online stores. Others advised him to sue the people who sold him the shoes. While some simply made jokes about his unfortunate purchase.

Here are some of their comments:

@oprite said:

“Hahahahahaha, I had a similar experience last year. Just come back and get your money back.

@OmideyiOlaide wrote:

“It would have been funny if not tragic with consequences for online business transactions. This is one of the reasons why I always insist on cash on delivery. If what is delivered does not correspond to what I ordered, I do not pay a penny.

@chidinnadi730 joked:

“Just walk fast, people wouldn’t notice.”

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