Loans for anything

One of them is the Good Finance loan for anything. Good Finance loan for anything is a bank non-purpose loan. The applicant may receive up to half a million crowns. Borrowed money can be used without restrictions. The use of borrowed funds is not tied to any specific purpose.

Good Finance Bank loan terms and conditions

Good Finance Bank loan terms and conditions

Loan for anything from Good Finance Bank is offered from 50000 USD to 500 000 USD. The specific amount of the loan provided depends primarily on the proof of the ability to repay. In general, the bank requires the borrower to have a minimum net monthly income of USD 15,000.

All employees or even self-employed persons can apply for a loan from Good Finance Bank. If you are a self-employed person, your business needs at least 2 years. In this case, the bank will need to provide the last two tax returns.

Employees are only required to be employed for an indefinite period. The employment must also last at least 3 months, and the borrower must not be redeemable at notice.

Proof of the employee’s income can be confirmed by the employer on the form that this bank has, or it is possible to prove the income using a bank account statement where the payout is regularly sent, or using the last 3 pay slips.

Good Finance Bank loan fees and interest

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The minimum interest rate on Good Finance Bank’s Loan for Anything is 7.69%. Good Finance Bank then charges a one-off fee of 1% of the provided amount for the loan. The minimum fee is at least USD 500.

You will also pay a regular annual fee of USD 600 (ie USD 50 per month) for maintaining your loan. However, no further fees are charged at this bank. Early repayment of the loan is free of charge and free of charge.

This loan is provided without collateral, ie the bank does not require third party liability or mortgage or other form of liability. The money is borrowed only on the basis of proof of the applicant’s income.


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