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Liverpool chief sends ’13 specific questions’ to UEFA and brands’ response is ‘shameful’

UEFA have received ’13 specific questions’ from Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan over the chaos that marred Saturday’s Champions League final in Paris and saw fans gassed.

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Champions League final: use of tear gas after the match

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan has reacted in “utter disbelief” to the French government’s latest blatant misrepresentations about the Stade de France fiasco.

At a three-hour meeting of a French Senate committee, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin doubled down on some claims already proven to be untrue that Reds fans were responsible for the chaotic scenes and were the only ones causing trouble.

A clearly furious Hogan responded by calling the high-ranking politician responsible for policing “shameful”. And he also revealed his Real Madrid counterpart is demanding an independent investigation, after his club’s supporters were also brutalized.

“Nobody should be going through what our fans (have been through) on Saturday. The pain, the grief, the hurt, the hurt they went through on Saturday, and now to be told by a French minister that only Liverpool fans have been a problem, it’s just shameful,” Hogan explained. “My response to the French minister’s comments, again, is frankly just a matter of disbelief.

Given all of the evidence through videos, photographs, personal experiences – and not just Liverpool fans, but all fans who attended the game; media; English politicians; people who have traveled from literally every corner of the world – who people have now seen on social media and other media channels. It’s just complete disbelief.

Liverpool have now received 6,500 individual accounts of the horror that unfolded at France’s national stadium before, during and after the Champions League final against Real. And Hogan said he had an in-depth dialogue with Real Madrid CEO Jose Angel Sanchez, who made it clear that his club’s fans had also suffered disgusting treatment from French police, and that he would now gather evidence of their support.

Liverpool fans were gassed and attacked by riot police ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final


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He said: “I spoke to my counterpart at Real Madrid yesterday who made it clear that their fans also had issues. They had major concerns regarding the match day operation, including the police operation. around the game. We talked about it for a while yesterday, I know they are also keen to make sure that this is, again, an independent and open investigation.

“Madrid have made it clear that their fans are suffering as well. So all I can say is I have tremendous empathy for our fans, I don’t think that’s fair what is being said and we’re just incredulous.

Liverpool will stand firm on their demand that an open and fair independent investigation be carried out, and they will not accept a report. And the CEO added: “We have written to UEFA again today and we have raised specific questions – 13 specific questions – which we would like them to clarify on the details of this investigation.

“We need clarity on the points we are asking, the questions we have been asking. We believe it is extremely important that we launch this investigation, that it be launched immediately. No one should go through what he went through on Saturday. Both getting into the stadium and leaving the stadium was an absolute disgrace.

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