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Lionel Messi breaks Cristiano Ronaldo’s record for replica shirts sold after Paris Saint Germain transfer

Lionel Messi is used to breaking all sorts of records on the pitch, but he has now generated a new record off the pitch.

His arrival in Paris Saint German pushed shirt sales to an all-time high, for the very first time, PSG sold over a million shirts last season. MessiThe number 30 shirt represents more than 60% of sales.

The staggering figure is a first for any player in the sport, once again showing his power of superstar attraction in the stores.

RonaldoReplica shirt sales rained £187m on United in September, but MessiJersey sales continued to climb the rankings and eventually overtook the Portuguese.

United are also no longer the club that sells the most shirts, with PSG now sitting at the top of the charts.

When the news broke Messi left Barcelona for PSGalmost 1 million euros were generated thanks to the sale of shirts in a few hours.

The French champions had to move their official store to the famous Parisian shopping paradise, the Champs Elysees to meet the high demand. They have doubled the service area available to them in order to change as many shirts as possible.

PSGDirector of Partnerships, Marc Armstrong, said Mark“Demand has increased by 30 to 40% and what can really slow it down is supply.

“When a signature of this size occurs, [Cristiano] Ronaldo at [Manchester] United for example, you might think he’s going to get paid selling shirts, but that’s not the case. You cannot produce many extra shirts.

“The deal is set to secure very significant minimums but we cannot meet the demand for Messi shirts. We have reached the ceiling.

He added: “No one can respond to this request. We already sell a lot of shirts, maybe more than any other team in the world for one player, and that puts us on the next level.

“We have a lot of demand for lifestyle products, the revenue with the Jordan brand is huge, but the demand increases even more when you sign a player like Messi.”

Apart from shirt sales, Armstrong also said the club’s social media followings were growing at a rate of £1.4million a week. Ticket sales and demand also increasing.

PSG believe they have made £600million in revenue since Messi came to the club.