Replica company

Is Win Win Company above the law?

Police are also trying to investigate whether the alleged replica guns come from the shipment of replica guns, which is believed to have been smuggled into the country in recent months.

The Win Win Company is back in the spotlight, this time on charges related to the alleged use of replica firearms to threaten a community in central Guadalcanal.

This is the same company that broke the country’s laws when it tried to illegally export gold out of the country. She was arrested but later got away with an “administrative fine”.

The Win Win company was visited by high-ranking police officers, including officers from the Chinese Police Liaison Team (CPLT). The visit would have been part of community engagement with the community stipulated as part of the RSIPF’s crime prevention strategy.

The timing is suspicious, as the visit came shortly after one of their officials intimidated a community, allegedly with a replica gun. The director was arrested days before the community engagement visit by the police and the Chinese Police Liaison Team (CPLT).

What does this say about the independence of our police and the CPLT? Who do the police and the CPLT protect? It appears that the interests of this company come first, the communities and their grievances second.

Opposition Leader Mathew Wale says:

“Dodgy transactions create mistrust and the RSIPF should keep a safe distance from these organizations and give them no semblance of credibility. This is poor judgment on the part of the RSIPF.

The Leader of the Opposition said allegations that there is also a split within the RSIPF over the Win Win investigations are also of serious concern.

He said the RSIPF must conduct its investigation without fear or favor and that the police must avoid political or other interference.

“I have to salute the police who are carrying out their duties and I urge them to continue cracking down on such cases there,” he said.

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