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I’m a style coach and your shoes make you look cheap – what NOT to buy if you want to look classy

The wrong shoes can ruin your whole outfit if you’re not careful.

It is better to know which shoes could make you look cheap in order to maintain a stylish appearance.


A style coach named Karina tells her viewers which shoes to avoid if they want to look chic1 credit
Karina says heels with big gems and rhinestones aren't fancy


Karina says heels with big gems and rhinestones aren’t fancy1 credit

TikToker and elegance coach Karine released a series of videos with guidelines on what shoes women should keep in their closets.

In one of her videos, she says to avoid heels that will eventually go out of style.

“I’m sure for some they are beautiful,” she says, “However, it’s better to buy fashionable shoes for every occasion.”

She continues, “Most fashionable designer shoes will go out of style very soon, and you just won’t get the best bang for your buck.

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In Karina’s second video, she talks about jumping on shoes that deliberately look like they already belong.

She says: “[Stop] spend a lot of money on shoes that purposely look worn, old and dirty.

“I don’t see how paying a lot of money for something that already looks old really helps you.”

To accompany the post, she shows off a tired pair of white trainers with visible scuff marks

Another video in Karina’s series explains why shoes with large rhinestones and gemstones are best avoided.

“No matter the occasion, it’s not a good look at all. Unfortunately, they look very plastic and fake.

“They don’t make your overall appearance presentable,” she says.

After that, Karina advises her viewers to avoid designer dupes.

She says, “The quality is not there. It is very obvious that it is fake designer shoes.

Karina advises her viewers to avoid counterfeit designer heels at all costs


Karina advises her viewers to avoid counterfeit designer heels at all costs1 credit

Karina then describes an experience she had in a department store filled with poor quality counterfeits.

Finally, Karina tells her viewers to avoid overly shiny heels.

“On shiny plastic?” It’s a no,” she said.

Shoes that already look old and dirty aren't worth buying, she says


Shoes that already look old and dirty aren’t worth buying, she says1 credit

She zooms in on examples of beige and pink heels that each shimmer under the light.

Women who watched Karina’s stylish shoe series on TikTok left their responses in her comments section.

Although several people think her opinions are a bit harsh, others think she is absolutely right.

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One person wrote: “I completely agree with you.”

“Designer shoes are always the best,” someone else wrote.