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“I will do anything to get what I want”

Kim Kardashian calls herself a ‘shaper’: ‘She’ll do anything to get what I want’

Kim Kardashian just made a shocking confession about her tendencies as a shapeshifter, willing to do just about anything for an end goal.

These confessions were made in reference to Kim’s Met Gala night.

She made the admission on the latest episode of The Kardashians and began by addressing the Marilyn Monroe dress fiasco.

In the episode titled “What could be more American than Marilyn Monroe? fans received a backdoor in the process of fitting into the actual dress Monroe donned in 1962 with former President John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday.

In the episode, a replica of the dress arrived at her house and Kim can be heard admitting to her team, “If it doesn’t fit, I can’t even try on the original.” So I googled his measurements, I’m looking at my measurements.

She credited the width of her shoulders with allowing her to fit “every dress” imaginable.

“No one trusted us; for years they would never send samples,” she recalls.

“And then once I got to Paris and tried on the samples, they were like, ‘Oh wait, she’s really getting into our business. So I don’t know how to convince the guy who owns the original Marilyn dress that I’m a shapeshifter.

His dedication also included a backup plan of sitting “in my SKIMS pajamas, home, eating.”

Kim also addressed her motivation behind the decision and explained, “Since I did the Balenciaga look with the face mask on and covered from head to toe, it changed the way I feel about wearing it. look pretty on a red carpet. Especially for the Met. It’s not just about being pretty. It must be a story, it must be a whole atmosphere. And this dress is such a beautiful story.