Housing loans – How to take out a loan


With this loan you can very easily finance all your plans and dreams. See for yourself how easy it is! Loan and Credit offers to all those interested in financing housing modifications or those who are planning reconstruction or other building modifications of a house or apartment advantageous housing loans.

Housing loans from Loan and Credit


Housing loans from Loan and Credit will allow you to obtain at least USD 100,000 easily and immediately. The upper limit of this home loan is not limited. It depends only on the purpose of using the borrowed money and the guarantees provided.

You can arrange the repayment period of this housing loan from Loan and Credit for 12 to 120 months. If the loan is successfully processed, you will pay Loan and Credit a one-off fee of 1% of the loan amount (minimum USD 500 and maximum USD 3,500).

Terms and fees of a home loan from Loan and Credit


This housing loan from Loan and Credit Bank provides up to USD 600,000 without collateral (ie without the need to pledge the property, without a guarantor or without any other claims for collateral).

If you are considering buying a home loan from Loan and Credit, you will need a personal account with this bank. If you do not have it yet, your bank staff will create it for you when applying for a loan. The minimum age of the loan applicant is 18 years, the maximum age can be 66 years.

The annual cost of the loan includes a fee of USD 600 (annual management fee), a minimum bank account fee of USD 600, and you will pay an interest rate of at least 7.9%.

In addition to lending you for expenses related to the reconstruction or other alterations of a flat, house or other real estate, Loan and Credit Bank offers that USD 25,000 of the provided loan can be used for any expenses. This housing loan from Loan and Credit thus combines a special-purpose and a non-purpose bank loan in one loan.

If you make some “ecological” modifications to your housing – house insulation, replacement of windows with new ones, installation of solar collectors, installation of a heat pump or other similar modifications, Loan and Credit will offer you even more favorable conditions for concluding a home loan.

Loan details – Housing loan Loan and Credit:

Loan details - Housing loan Loan and Credit:

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