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Guide – All Splatoon 3 Headgear, Clothing, and Footwear

You can’t get into a turf war without some style threads! Splatoon 3 is here and that means there’s a whole new wardrobe for Inkling and Octolings to collect. Don’t worry, some gear from previous Splatoon and Splatoon 2 has made the trip to Splatoon 3, but there’s plenty of new stuff too.

Equipment is still divided into three categories: headgear, clothing, and footwear. Each piece will have a main ability to aid you in combat as well as up to 3 secondary ability slots (also known as sub-abilities). Each item’s main ability cannot be changed (in most cases – SplatNet 3 may offer items with different main abilities, such as in Splatoon 2 with SplatNet 2, and/or Salmon Run gear having multiple versions of payment), while it is a free-for-all RNG with the secondary abilities (these can be changed through Murch with the use of chunks).

To add gear to your collection and fight the build repertoire, you’ll shop again. There are three main stores where you will get your gear and you need to reach level 4 before you are allowed to enter. Each is dedicated to a particular set (headgear, clothes or shoes). They are:

  • Headgear: Naut Couture (led by Gnarly Eddy and Nails)
  • Clothes: Man-o’-Wardrobe (hosted by the esteemed and hip Jel La Fleur)
  • Shoes: Crush Station (Occupied by Mr. Coco)

Purchasing gear from these stores will require silver (those gold-looking coins called “G” in some cast scrolls). The inventory of these stores changes daily at 5 p.m. PT | 8 p.m. ET (instead of midnight like in Splatoon 2). You’ll also be able to find gear for sale (at a higher price) through SplatNet 3 of the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. You can also buy gear from players you’ve played with or against in multiplayer. There are some limitations though, as your order will be delivered the next day, you can only order three pieces of gear in advance, and you may have to pay a higher price thanks to Murch.

To note: Gear you already own may appear in stock at Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, and Crush Station. If that particular piece of gear does not have 3 secondary slots, you can add an additional slot. The prices are as follows:

  • From 1 secondary slot to 2: 10,000 Cash
  • From 2 secondary slots to 3: 30,000 Cash

You can only buy one slot upgrade at a time/store restock (you can’t upgrade from a secondary slot to all 3 in one day). You can also swap gear, for a fee, and it will revert to its original secondary slot count and primary ability.

For Splatoon 3 there is also a brand new store – Hotlantis. While Harmony is primarily concerned with selling products to decorate your locker, it will also distribute a seasonal catalog. These catalogs will reward players with Splashtags, gear, emotes, titles, and more. Gear listed as a catalog reward was also spotted on SplatNet 3 and has a base price, so it can also appear in clothing stores (but may be limited to adding secondary ability slots or its exchange).

To note: Catalog gear appears in stores after unlocking it through the catalog OR buying it from another player and paying Murch’s delivery/finding fee.

Gear can also be obtained in other ways – in particular with amiibo, promotional releases (i.e.: if you copy Splatoon 2, then through My Nintendo rewards, released via the Splatoon 3 channel on Nintendo Switch, etc.), story progression and Salmon Run.

  • amiibo: The Splatoon amiibo, once scanned, will drop specific gear. These coins can only be obtained via amiibo and cannot be ordered from another player. Check out our amiibo guide to see it in action.
  • Promotional releases: Typically, these items are exclusive to a promotion. They usually require a one-time code, starting Splatoon 3 via a particular message on the Splatoon 3 channel on the Nintendo Switch, scanning a QR code with SplatNet 3, etc. As for whether they can be ordered from another player, we will have to wait for the release of the first set of equipment. (Usually not, but some seasonal sets released in Splatoon 2 through the Splatoon 2 Channel can be ordered and have also appeared in SplatNet 2.)
    • The examples given are based on distribution methods for Splatoon 2.
  • Story: Character-specific and/or gear specifically designed for the Splatoon 3 story mode can only be obtained by completing the necessary levels. These cannot be ordered from another player.
  • Salmon race:
    • Mr. Grizz is ready to pay you Grizzco Points again. You can exchange them for capsules and if you earn enough points, you will also get equipment!
    • Your Grizzco uniform is now available in different varieties! They require Fish Scales (which are obtained from Xtrawave rounds with King Salmonids) and can only be purchased from the Grizzco Company Store. More than likely, you won’t be able to order them from another player as there’s a chance they’re restricted to being worn only in Salmon Run. Pity.


  • Since Splatoon 3 has just been released, some data (price, clothing brand, number of sub-ability slots, etc.) may be incomplete. They will be updated accordingly over the next few days/weeks.
  • Gear obtained in Splatoon 3 story mode is listed.
  • Headgear items for upcoming Grizzco payouts were found in game data and are included.




But wait, there will be more! Expect more gear to be added to Splatoon 3 with updates and with the release of the Splatoon 3 amiibo (Inkling Girl, Octoling Boy, and Small Fry – aka your Little Buddy)!