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Dybala. Record sales of shirts in Rome

Dybala-mania does not loosen and although Argentina has not yet arrived in the capital of Italy, because Joined the team during the pre-season in PortugalRome and in. in the streets of Official t-shirt sales stores are already feeling the madness by Paul: was the record and there is confusion, For now, La Joya continues to train with the team and bring the partner to focus. Good money.

According to Italian media, Sales of the Dybala shirt were comparable to the shirts sold on the market when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Juventus. Talk about La Joya in Rome marked One-day billing registration. Yet, of course, the best-selling shirt in the Eternal City belongs to Francesco Totti. But Paulo can be seen on the streets between the Colosseum and the Olympics. There is also a mural in his honor. And the taste of ice cream. And a beer…

Dybala’s goals in practice:

In stores such as Via del Corso, Piazza Colonna and Ottaviano, they reported that shirts with Dybala’s 21 were sold out. A saleswoman said: “Since this morning, we haven’t stopped for a moment, we’ve only been stamping T-shirts with his name. From the official Roma store.

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This Saturday could be the start of Kordovan 28 years old with a Loba jersey. Mourinho’s side bid farewell to Precision in Portugal A test against good, French team. And there, Paulo was playing for half an hour. “He is someone who will bring the extra quality we need to get results in the future. I played against him and I know how dangerous he can be. He is the right profile for us” , said Matic, a teammate who gave him 21.

Murals by Dybala in Rome.

Murals by Dybala in Rome.

Roma is more alive than days gone by. Upon Dybala’s arrival, issues were added to the game, such as the confirmation of Another friendly match, which will take place on August 7 at the Olympics against Shekhar Donestskyother colors, As a marriage proposal in full practice and in front of Mau’s eyesYou exit from the stock market after 22 years, Since the owners of the club (Dan and Ryan Friedkin) took over 95% of the shares, a major problem to stop according to investors.

He asked her to marry Mau as a witness:

Dybala’s statement with the club’s website:

“I am obsessed with this city. As a kid, I watched a lot of movies. It was decided that one day I should live here. I’m so happy to be able to start. I ask my teammates, coaches and Wanted to meet those who work in Rome.

What convinced him to choose La Loba? “There are so many aspects. The calls were very important points to be able to speak to the owners, from the coach, to the sporting director. They gave me a lot of certainty, it was very important for me. The coach was very clear with his views, I think that was one of the main reasons. Obviously, playing for this team, which the city represents in Italy and in the world, is definitely a beautiful thing.

“We all know him. His call moved me, I spoke to him for a long time. We had a great conversation. Today I had the chance to work with the strongest manager in the history of football.

“Here 10 is very important because of what Totti has done. I think that number and shirt should always be his because of what he has done. Thank you but so much respect for you to wearing a shirt like this. Will have to do and responsibility. Maybe on a day like this, I can handle it.

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