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Dillian Whyte Brands Heavyweight Rival ‘Biggest Fraud In All Of Sport’

Dillian Whyte has called Deontay Wilder a ‘fraud’ after claiming the American didn’t want to face him in the ring.

Whyte and Wilder have long appeared to be on a collision course. The former rose through the ranks of the WBC rankings to become the number one contender, and the latter was champion. Although the stars seemed to align for the big punchers to come out on top, a fight never materialized – and Whyte held a grudge.

Speaking to MailSport, the Brixton heavyweight first addressed Wilder’s final post-fight press conference. The American was reduced to tears after knocking out Robert Helenius in the first round, discussing the idea that his opponent ‘may never be the same again’.

For some fans, it was a rare emotional moment from ‘The Bronze Bomber’. For Whyte, it was an act.

“This guy is an actor. Everything he does is an act.

“Even though I pretended to cry at the press conference the other day, I was just like, ‘You’re just making me sick, you motherfucker.'”

On the prospect of a fight, Whyte is still convinced it won’t happen due to some reluctance from the former champion.

“I heard that Wilder still doesn’t want to fight me. He’s the biggest fraud in all of sport, let alone boxing.”

“Who doesn’t fight their number one contender for over four years and then claim he’s the greatest of all time? He hasn’t beaten anyone notable yet. He’s just a cowardly crook!”

Whyte finally got his WBC shot when Wilder lost the belt to Tyson Fury. ‘The Bodysnatcher’ was knocked out by Fury in the 6th round at Wembley Stadium, and recently announced his comeback fight against undefeated American Jermain Franklin on November 26.

As for Wilder, coming off of that sensational stoppage over Helenius, the WBC ordered him to face Andy Ruiz Jr in a final eliminator for his old belt, which is currently being squeezed by Fury.