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Custom engagement ring company Wove launches with replica for in-home trial

Woven Custom Engagement Ring

“Our ring replica process was developed because there is a lot of uncertainty when buying an engagement ring online.” – Brian Elliott, co-founder of Wove

Recently launched custom engagement ring company, Wove, is quickly becoming a go-to destination for modern couples looking for unique engagement rings. The company incorporated a custom home trial replica into its bespoke process. This allows couples to try on a replica of the engagement ring they want before finalizing their purchase.

With more and more American couples preferring to buy their engagement ring online, there’s still some hesitation around the decision to buy your ring without seeing it. Responding to this emerging market trend, Wove has implemented an experience that allows the ring wearer to try on their engagement ring first. Since Wove creates custom engagement rings, replica rings are all created specifically for each client.

The Wove experience combines the personal feeling of a local jeweler with the convenience of shopping online. Unlike the traditional process of buying an engagement ring, Wove allows buyers to

  • Create a unique engagement ring with the help of expert designers
  • Receive an exact replica of the ring to try on at home
  • Design and manufacture a ring from scratch with expert craftsmanship and a rigorous quality control process.

Wove is the brainchild of Andrew Woglemuth and Brian Elliott, former Army Rangers who originally wanted to help their military colleagues stationed overseas design and try on risk-free personalized engagement rings. After an impressive debut, they started getting requests from couples in the United States. Couples especially liked the idea of ​​being able to keep their replica as an “adventure ring”, as it allowed them to show off their engagement without worrying that the real ring would be lost or stolen.

“Our replica ring process was developed because there is a lot of uncertainty when buying an engagement ring online. We want to take away that fear of not knowing what you are going to get and put customers at ease by providing them with a replica to try first,” says Brian.

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About Wove: Wove is a custom engagement ring company that provides exact replica rings for in-home trial. Wove matches customers with their own expert jewelry designer via video chat to design their one-of-a-kind ring.

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