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Corporate Radar Company Hosts Tanzanian Government Officials | House

Enterprise Electronics Corp. (EEC), a locally founded and globally recognized company, recently hosted visitors from the government of Tanzania, an East African country known for being home to safari mecca, the Serengeti National Park and the Kilimanjaro National Park. Park, home to the tallest mountain in Africa.

Although the seven visitors shared information about their country’s culture and invited their American hosts to visit Tanzania in the future, they were in the business of finalizing the purchase of EEC Doppler weather systems to be used to help protect the people and property in their country.

During the visit, EEC Managing Director Richard Stedronsky, Programs Director Patrick Lamar and Finance Director Nicole Powell worked closely with Dr. Agnes Kijazi, Chief Executive Officer of the Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA ) and Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the World Meteorological Agency. Organization.

The Tanzanian group of engineers, meteorologists and government leaders also included Engineer Aron Kasaka, Director of Transport Services, Ministry of Works and Transport; Engineer Mugundu Rambika, Senior Meteorological Engineer; Engineer Benedicto Katole, Meteorological Engineer; Michael Ntagazawa, Director of Finance and Accounting; Tumaini Hiluka, Procurement Services Manager; and Wilbert Muruje, Director of International Cooperation.

Enterprise Mayor William E. Cooper and City Administrator Jonathan Tullos also met with visitors to welcome them to Enterprise.

“We’re glad to have you on Enterprise. It’s an honor to meet you all,” Cooper said. . It’s good to know that these systems made right here in Enterprise are going to help people and valuable assets for the life of your country.

Kijazi expressed his thanks for the hospitality of EEC and City of Enterprise and said they were impressed with Enterprise.

Cooper presented Dr. Kijazi with a key to the city and a replica of the Boll Weevil monument, and told him the history of the monument. He gave each visitor a town coin to remind them of their visit to southern Alabama.

The weather radar systems were tested before delivery to Tanzania. They will be used to extend the TMA’s existing weather radar network, also provided by EEC. These new tools will further assist the TMA in monitoring weather conditions and gathering other data that can be useful in agriculture, public safety and transportation. CEE leaders said the ability to plan and act on accurate weather radar forecasts provides a vital service to the businesses and governments that make up its customer base.

EEC is the world’s leading manufacturer of weather radar and data collection systems, with 1,200 systems in more than 100 countries, covering all continents. The company, founded in 1971 in Enterprise, designs, manufactures, installs, delivers and trains operators for the variety of systems it offers.