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Company / Leading Edge Data Center selects Schneider Electric certified prefabricated data center infrastructure

Schneider Electric’s Prefabricated Data Center Infrastructure with Remote Access Brings Efficient, Fast and Reliable Connectivity to Australia

Schneider Electric™, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announces that Leading Edge Data Center (LEDC), a company that provides businesses and regional Australian communities with better access to the distributed cloud through reliable and cost-effective connectivity. Schneider Electric will use certified pre-engineered Edge data center technology to provide faster and more reliable connectivity in Australia.

Seeking sustainable and agile solutions to meet changing customer needs, LEDC chose Schneider Electric to design, build, commission and maintain its Edge Tier III data centers. Before being shipped to your site, data centers are designed, built and tested in the Australian region, removing many traditional manufacturing constraints and ensuring that each new installation is of the same quality, durability and quality as the original. . Manufactured with reliability. In addition to maximizing reliability, Schneider Electric and LEDC will strive to provide the most efficient and robust solutions, including a range of edge data centers, to be more efficient specifically for the community than they serve. are in size.

“The Leading Edge Data Center was established in 2019 with a mission to bridge the digital divide in the Australian region,” said Chris Thorpe, CEO and Founder of LEDC. “For years, Australian regional cities have suffered from unreliable and expensive internet connections compared to their metropolitan counterparts. Ultimately, providing customers with more sustainable and cost-effective options and the ability to reliably access the cloud. »

In the past, potential LEDC customers have experienced connectivity outages costing over $160,000 per year. With the support and innovation of Schneider Electric, LEDC will design and build a reliable, replicated and certified prefabricated data center, saving its customers up to 80% of this cost.

“In the midst of the global pandemic, remote working has become a necessity and digital inequalities are becoming more apparent,” said Joe Craperota, VP Strategic Customer and Segment at Schneider Electric. “Together with Schneider Electric, LEDC has started production, enabling cost-effective network deployment, with a focus on improving connectivity and reliability.”

The collaboration with Schneider Electric allows LEDC to offer the following:

Accessibility and Choice: By offering greater choice of direct cloud access, customers can benefit from faster connectivity through a network of edge data centers across the Australian region. Stability and Reliability: With secure and certified EDGE Tier III data centers, customers can withstand even extreme Australian weather conditions, providing redundancy and fault tolerance, as well as protection against power outages. Benefits for the Australia region: Measurable benefits for local and national customers include the ability to develop IoT and smart cities across Australia through improved connectivity, competitive housing and innovative infrastructure.

What this whole tool adds is Schneider Electric’s EcoStructure IT Expert software, which provides proactive insight into critical assets that affect the health and availability of the IT environment. With customizable dashboards, remote device management, and device health and safety assessments, the software provides LEDCs with continuous infrastructure visibility.

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“EcoStruxure™ is our open, interoperable, IoT-enabled systems platform and architecture. EcoStruxure delivers greater value to our customers when it comes to security, reliability, efficiency, stability, and connectivity. EcoStruxure advances in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics and cybersecurity to deliver innovation at every level. This includes connected products, edge control, applications, analytics, and services supported by customer lifecycle software. EcoStructure™ with the support of more than 20,000 developers, 650,000 services deployed on approximately 500,000 installations, connects suppliers and partners, 3,000 utilities and more than 2 million properties under management.

From energy and sustainability consulting to optimizing the life cycle of your operating system, they offer global services to meet your business needs. As a customer-focused organization, Schneider Electric is your trusted advisor to increase asset reliability, improve total cost of ownership and help drive your company’s digital transformation towards sustainability, efficiency and safety. .