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Chiefs’ Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith unveil new t-shirts


Kansas City Chiefs offensive linemen Trey Smith (left) and Creed Humphrey (right) block Patrick Mahomes.

On October 3, Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith collaborated with Charlie Hustle to create custom gamer t-shirts.

Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit with the word massive here, but these t-shirts look awesome and feel like a must-have for any die-hard chef fanatics and/or big man enthusiasts out there. Humphrey’s design was the most obvious of the pair.

He shared his official “Creed Is Good” t-shirt on Twitter this week – priced reasonably at $36 from Charlie Hustle’s website’s Arrowhead Collection.

Trey Smith’s t-shirt design is hilarious

Humphrey’s T-shirt slogan may be the more iconic of the two so far, but Smith’s is downright funny. Chiefs right guard unveiled its design on October 3expressing, “Really excited about my collaboration with @CharlieHustleCo! While you’re at it, also check out the @creed_humphrey t-shirt! #ThePancakeSpecialist.

The signature print t-shirt features Smith as a chef who only serves pancakes. Priced at $36 again, get them while they’re hot!

From the number 65 on the chef’s hat to the appetizing drizzle of syrup dripping down a good pile of problems, this shirt is perfect in every way – and what two better prospects to support than these two unsung heroes?

Forbes contributor Jeff Fedotin covered the post, noting that “the merchandise of two sophomore offensive linemen is [already] sell quickly. »

“I want to bring recognition and show love to the big boys right off the bat,” Smith told Fedotin via email. The writer later continued, “Because of the fanfare around [the #CreedIsGood] campaign, Charlie Hustle first inquired about Humphrey but soon realized that Smith, who lines up next to Humphrey on the right side, would also be ideal for a t-shirt collection.

Fedotin relayed that “the t-shirts for both players went on sale the first week of October”, adding: “Charlie Hustle derives the majority of revenue from sales, but Humphrey and Smith also receive a percentage, which is greater than the typical amount from royalties.

He also informed readers that sizes XXL and XXXL are already sold out!

Humphrey became a fixture in advertising, working as a brand ambassador with Boulevard Brewing Company and Jack Stack Barbecue in his second season in the NFL. It is extremely rare for a center.

As for Smith, he enjoyed this one, telling Fedotin that “my collaboration with Charlie Hustle was a fun project.”

Chiefs Interior O-Line is the driving force behind the KC offense

Yes, this offense doesn’t look the same without quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, but it also looks vastly different — and worse — without inside offensive linemen like Joe Thuney, Humphrey and Smith.

These three have dominated so far this season with no sacks allowed in pass protection and an improving running game that can thrive on the inside. Pro Football Focus even has the entire Kansas City offensive line ranked second in the NFL heading into Week 5 and that big honor is largely down to this trio.

If the Chiefs can just replenish their offensive tackle bookends in 2022 — which they’ve been able to do so far despite poor performances from Orlando Brown Jr. and Andrew Wylie at times — it’s unclear what Mahomes can accomplish.

When you give this man time, he makes things happen. He’s done it his entire career and so far the 2022 campaign has been no different from the ‘Houdini of our time’.