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Bulldog Insider Feature: Jalen Cropper Tees

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — For the past three years, Fresno State football fans have watched Jalen Cropper catch passes at Bulldog Stadium. Now they can see him catching a pass on his own t-shirt.

“You go to Disneyland, Universal Studios, they do these little paintings,” Cropper smiled. “You sit down for about ten minutes and they write a portrait of you.”

This portrait tells a story, a story that takes place at The Retro Collection at Fresno’s Fashion Fair Mall.

“So for the most part we’re just here to hand out the shirts,” says Fernando Quintero, who works on the story. “But I know the founder, he was very instrumental in designing the shirt and just sort of getting it out here.”

“A lot of our teammates come here,” Cropper said. “They ask about shoes, they ask about shirts.”

Teammates such as Levelle Bailey and David Perales, who joined Jalen Cropper when he pre-sold his new t-shirts on Friday night. Shirts are $40, which is a lot of money for a t-shirt. However, the money goes entirely to a local non-profit organization: Excellence Thru Athletics.

“Me and (fellow wide receiver) Josh Kelly, we both have our shirts on,” Cropper said. “Being able to give back to the community with this one with all the sales we make, we will be able to give back to the community.

“It was definitely something that, wow, it’s definitely something I dreamed of.”