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Browns fan goes viral over DeShaun Watson’s offensive shirts

A Cleveland Browns fan recently went viral for peddling offensive Deshaun Watson t-shirts supporting his alleged behavior, and the NFL team apparently couldn’t do anything about it.

Credit: Jason Miller/Getty

Cleveland Browns fans can’t control their enthusiasm for Deshaun Watson, hopefully making them a winning team again and they’re showing that enthusiasm with offensive t-shirts that the team apparently couldn’t ban.

If you’ve even remotely followed the Cleveland Browns over the years, it’s the same cycle.; they get a new QB, the excitement runs wild, the quarterback fails, and they sink back into depression. Johnny Manziel followed by Baker Mayfield and then watching Odell Beckham Jr. grab a Super Bowl ring after abusing it must hurt the NFL team’s loyal supporters.

Now the latest excitement has reached a very attacking new level.

Cleveland Browns fan goes viral over Deshaun Watson offensive shirts Browns apparently couldn’t ban them

One of the ways Browns fans showed their excitement for Deshaun Watson’s new post-scandal era was with their own screen-printed t-shirts. A man has gone viral for his shirts which were way beyond offensive in a bid to support Watson amid his sexual misconduct allegations.

The jerseys offended tons of people, even some of the Cleveland Browns fans who attended the game against the Eagles.

According to Cleveland19, however, the Browns may not be able to ban shirts or sellers. Rob Glickman, managing partner of McCarthy Lebit, revealed that banning the shirts could open up a lawsuit from the ACLU.

“Because the Browns leased the stadium from the City of Cleveland, and because the City of Cleveland contributed at least $30 million, it is arguably a public space,” Glickman said. “And it’s much harder to ban speech, objectionable or otherwise.”

He added that for offended people, their best bet is to “green your eyes” or not attending football matches.

As the stadium is leased to the city, it is a public space, which means fans can exercise their freedom of expression. That freedom of expression also goes for the fan-made signs that were in abundance during the Eagles game, like Deshaun Watson’s viral support signs seen below.

What do you think of the Browns fans supporting Deshaun Watson with the shirts and signs???