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Best Chocolates of 2022: Top 4 High-Quality Brands Recommended by Expert Websites

Although chocolate doesn’t scientifically have any mystical powers, many would say the decadent treat is enough to transport them to a happier place in seconds. Sweet, rich and even with a hint of caffeine – it’s hard not to agree that it’s one of the best foods in the world. But with a multi-billion dollar global market and thousands of brands to choose from, which names are the best in the chocolate game?

As a food primarily considered a treat, we are often led to categorize chocolate as a “bad” food, but it turns out that chocolate actually has some interesting health benefits when eaten in moderation. . Recent search indicates that eating chocolate at least once a week may improve the health of blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Another study found that daily cocoa consumption increased attention, memory, processing speed, and verbal fluency.

Some of the less expected discoveries even include chocolate as an unlikely commodity. ally in the fight against diabeteswith researchers finding that certain compounds in chocolate may actually help the body release more insulin and respond better to blood sugar levels. Other observational studies conclude that chocolate could potentially qualify as a “superfood”, suggesting that it can reduce stress and inflammation while boosting mood, memory and immunity.

“A review published in Frontiers in Nutrition analyzed the evidence to date that flavanols (found in dark chocolate and cocoa, among other foods) may benefit human brain function. Flavanols are a form of flavonoids, plant substances that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects”, Harvard Health Publishing writing.

Brain power, heart health and mood boost, what are you waiting for? To research the best chocolates currently on the market, we visited 10 of the leading expert websites to see which chocolatiers were rated the highest. Our list is ranked according to the most recommended chocolates on these sites.

The list: the best chocolate, according to experts

1. Hu Kitchen

You don’t have to be a vegan to go crazy for this range of health-conscious chocolate bars.

“Hu has a wide variety of vegan chocolate bar options, so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but we can’t get enough of this variety of almond butter and puffed quinoa, one of their flavors. the most popular. In addition to being vegan, organic, and gluten-free, the bar contains no emulsifiers, refined sugar, or sugar alcohols,” The Spruce Eats writing.

Hu Kitchen fans love the brand for its unique variety, use of high-quality chocolate and interesting textures, and its use of fair trade ingredients.

“If you’ve recently made a commitment to healthy eating, but are secretly worried about running out of treats like chocolate, don’t worry. This vegan 70% cocoa chocolate bar with French sea salt is a tasty take on the classic, minus the unhealthy additives. Let the list of ingredients speak for itself: organic cocoa, organic unrefined coconut sugar, organic fair trade cocoa butter and sea salt”, Prevention writing.

2. Godiva

Godiva is a global chocolate empire for a reason, and that’s because it’s delicious and reliable.

“A box of Godiva Truffles is hard to beat, but for milk chocolate fanatics, you can’t go wrong with a solid bar of smooth and rich Godiva Milk Chocolate. In addition to eating it straight from the bar, it is delicious for making sauces, toppings and glazes,” spruce eats writing.

The iconic brand is loved for its decadent flavors, culinary compatibility and endless variations.

“Unlike other chocolate brands that taste inauthentic, we believe Godiva’s chocolate is the perfect amount of sweet and creamy. The brand uses premium ingredients, so you’ll never worry about the taste of its fake chocolates, only rich, satisfying chocolates and truffles without the added preservatives,” writes Tasting Table.

3. Theo

Theo’s Fair Trade Certified chocolate is a chocolate lover’s dream due to its many unique flavors and high cocoa content.

“Theo is a company that strives to ‘contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable world’, and it does so by maintaining ‘full transparency, stable pricing and third-party verification’. Not only is this company honest in its processes, but it is also honest in its ingredients,” eat this not that writing.

The chocolate is made from sustainable and organic chocolate, contains no fillers and is made from non-GMO ingredients, what’s not to love?

“The bitter dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the fruit, especially with the bright citrus flavor of the orange. Theo sources fair trade beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru. Plus, this bar is completely vegan,” Prevention writing.

4. Lindt

Lindt is pretty much a household name for anyone who loves chocolate. From their truffles to their high quality excellence bars, it’s hard to go wrong.

“Lindt Chocolate wins the gold medal in our ranking of 20 chocolate brands. The brand has been perfecting chocolate for over 170 years. According to Lindt, behind every Lindt chocolate creation is a passionate and skilled master chocolatier. These chocolatiers come from all over the world and help keep Lindt products innovative and exciting,” Tasting table writing.

Chocolate lovers love Lindt for its affordability, full-bodied chocolate bars and balanced taste.

“Lindt is known for their delicious classic truffles, but with this collection of Lindt Creation desserts, they’ve given us seven new reasons to love them. Their 40-piece set features Lindt’s classic chocolate reimagined as all your favorite traditional desserts, including crème brûlée, chocolate fondant, meringue, caramel éclair, tiramisu, millefeuille and brownie. Ideal for a lover of all chocolate desserts, ” Food and wine writing.


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