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Austin society is slowly shaping the metaverse

AUSTIN, Texas — The Metaverse is in its infancy, and some Texas companies are laying the groundwork for its future. Double A Labs is leading the way in helping companies engage and train their employees through a virtual environment.

“I sometimes hear people say, ‘I don’t know anything about this metaverse,’ and I always laugh a little bit because it’s almost like saying, ‘I don’t know if the internet is going to keep changing and changing. develop.”” said Amber Allen, founder of Double A Labs, a metaverse company in Austin.

Allen calls it the next phase of the Internet, only more interactive.

With companies like Meta leasing Austin’s tallest skyscraper, Texas could become a dominant force behind it all.

“You think of companies like this, they have whole worlds around them,” Allen said. “Do I believe VR and VR, which Meta talks a lot about, will happen overnight? No. I believe it’s 10 or 20 years from now and he (Mark Zuckerberg) is building for that He even says that. What I’m building right now and focusing on is really this bridge product.

According to Double A, “The key differentiator is that we are a metaverse designed to help optimize businesses with their training and engagement, sales enablement, and brand experiences. Due to our B2B audience, we serve as a bridging product to help all users have an easy-to-use experience. »

Allen shows graffiti painted by Bradford Maxfield in his Austin studio. (Spectrum News 1)

Double A Labs partners with brands like Dell, Amazon, YouTube, Sony, IBM and more.

In Double A’s metaverse, you’ll see everything from augmented reality to desktop settings for remote workers.

“We can be in a room and sit around a table with someone and come right in and have discussions,” Allen said.

Allen says it’s not intended to suppress in-person events.

“We love real life events. We don’t want to replace real life events. What we want to do is bridge that gap between when I can see you and the next time,” Allen said.

Allen fell in love with the game as a young girl. His love for her is what led her to start Double A Labs in 2013.

Founder Amber Allen sits down with journalist Monica Ortiz to talk about her role in the Metaverse. (Spectrum News 1)

“I grew up with my dad in East Texas playing video games,” Allen said.

Just as she started acting at an early age, she introduces the next era to a new generation.