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Arcade’s new director, Gab Gucci, helps brands capture the awesome in people and the world

In 2021, Arcade Film Factory introduced its inaugural apprenticeship program which received over 200 reels and applications. After reviewing hundreds of applications, the founding directors accepted only four final apprentices, less than 3% of the applications.

Gab Gucci is one of four lucky directors to be accepted into the program. And he is lucky. In his first project under Arcade Film Factory, he was commissioned to film GIGIL’s activation campaign for Netflix’s Squid Game, a title that turned out to be a worldwide hit and an Emmy Award winner. And the campaign film he shot with GIGIL? It went viral globally and garnered over 85,000,000 organic views and 250,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Since joining Arcade, he has been taken under the wings of Marius Talampas, Mike Talampas and Nick Santiago. During his apprenticeship, he continuously added more directorial abilities in addition to the superb sports, lifestyle and travel films he accumulated during his career. He shares with us his story of how he came to Arcade.

Q> What is the story of how you ended up joining Arcade?

Gab > I started my directing career when I interned at Tripleshot Media, a media company producing TV content, documentaries and lifestyle shows. I immediately joined Tripleshot as a full-time employee after my internship, doing a lot of things ranging from producing, writing, and eventually directing various shows and episodes between 2017 and 2019. But unfortunately the company closed, then I started working as a freelance director for brands like ESPN, TITAN and ABS-CBN Sports & Action, as well as Jordan Brand and Puso Pilipinas from 2019.

In 2021, I made a New Year’s resolution to push my work and start the next chapter of my career by creating the opposite of what I was already doing: transitioning from long storytelling to short storytelling. And one day in 2021, I heard from my friend Patrick Rodil that Direk Marius Talampas had posted an IG story about a learning program under Arcade Film Factory. The rest is history!

Q> The work you did that caught Arcade’s attention?

Gab > When I submitted my reel for the apprenticeship program, I think what I brought to the table was the experience I had in storytelling and human interest stories.

Q> Your last work with Arcade?

Gab> My first work with Arcade was a movie we created with GIGIL for Netflix’s hit title ‘Squid Game’. The agency had put a replica of the killer doll in a mall in Manila, and we created a movie to announce it to the public. According to them, this movie is now the most shared and viewed video ever on the Netflix Philippines Facebook page, garnering over 85 million organic views and 250,000 shares on the platform alone.


Besides the movie Squid Game, I also worked for the launch of the “Dama Ko, Lahi Ko” initiative and a pizza project.



Q> The work you want to see in your reels in the next five years?

Gab > Now my reel has been more about people, storytelling and sports but in the next few years I want to be able to shoot new genres outside of my comfort zone and explore food, beauty as well as comedy .


“Arcade started with many established names in the production industry,” says Jeorge Agcaoili, President of Arcade Film Factory, “and even cultivated one of our local talents, Marius Talampas, to become the one of the best directors in the country. Now we want to bring out the next generation of directors with Jason Max, Gab Gucci, Jaig DeGuzman and Andrei Julitan.

The Arcade Film Factory has been around since 2019. It’s a young, hungry and awesome production company created by directors Jeorge Agcaoili, Richard Ang, Nick Santiago, Mike Talampas and Marius Talampas, who are not so young but still hungry and great . In 2022, their list of directors has grown to nine, with Andrei Julitan aka Super Bayani, Jaig De Guzman, Jason Max and Gab Gucci. For inquiries and production needs, contact Codie Laraccas ([email protected]) or Paula Collado ([email protected]).