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6 most expensive cricket bats 2022 by popular brands

“This willow tree is exceptional. The recovery is really good.”

Renowned brands from six different counties are known to produce the most expensive cricket bats in 2022.

Some of these most expensive cricket bats are used by players in international matches.

The most expensive cricket bats traditionally come from Australia, India, Pakistan and the UK. Since 1999, manufacturers from New Zealand and South Africa have also appeared on the horizon to manufacture expensive willows.

Additionally, sold at a high price, these bats are high quality for players who are serious about cricket.

Bats are available in different weight classes, colors, shapes and sizes, depending on individual preferences.

We take a closer look at the most expensive cricket bats of 2022 made by brands from six different countries.

Kookaburra Jos Buttler Players Replica 2022 – Australia

This is one of the most expensive cricket bats handcrafted from top quality English willow. Green in color, this bat is a product of the Australian company Kookaburra Sport.

The bat’s hexagonal grip is one of Jos Butler’s favorites. The profile with standard toe, pickup and performance makes this bat perfect for the modern era.

The middle blade is the sweet spot for this short-backed oval bat, which has a round edge profile and a curved face.

The weight range of this bat is between 2lbs 10oz and 2lbs 10.5oz. The bat costs £1050. There is also a Glenn Maxwell (AUS) replica version in the same price range.

Laver & Wood Signature 2022 – New Zealand

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2022 by Popular Brands - Laver & Wood Signature 2022

This ranks among the most superior cricket bats made by Laver & Wood in New Zealand. The handcrafted bat is made from elite, player-grade English willow.

The craftsmanship of this willow provides optimum performance and elegance when striking. The bat face is flawless with flawless and unwavering minimum 8 grain formation.

The bat also provides good balance for a batsman when playing their shots on all parts of the floor.

In the past, Ricky Ponting (AUS) and Brian Lara (WI) have entered the middle professionally with a Laver & Wood bat. There can often be a waiting list for this bat, if more than one is needed.

This short-handled bat is available in medium weight (2.10-2.12 lbs). The bat is available to purchase between £800 and £820.

Gray Nicolls Legend 2022 Cricket Bat – UK

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2022 by Popular Brands - Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat 2022

The Gray Nicolls Legend 2022 cricket bat made in England is very classy. This is a premium grade 1 unbleached English willow bat with the usual blade design.

This finest handcrafted beauty with laser etched mark features cosmetic quality and performance. It is ideal for an all-around strike, with the mid-blade being the sweet spot. Babar Azam (PAK) bats with a Gray Nicolls bat.

The semi-oval bottom of the 12-piece handle gives a very professional feel, providing balance and comfort when gripping. This is due to its creation in conclave.

The superlink optimization handle gives better control over the fold. The weight ranges from 2.8 to 2.10. It is one of the most expensive and legendary cricket bats up to the £800 mark.

MRF Genius Game Changer Cricket Bat 2022 – India

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2022 by Popular Brands - MRF Genius Game Changer Cricket Bat 2022

It is one of the most expensive Indian cricket bats available in 2022. Former Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli (IND) uses the bat brand MRF.

The willow on this bat is grade A+. There is no doubt that it has one of the most visually appealing willow trees.

Comfort and ease of handling are at the heart of its design. It is made with great art, reflecting excellence.

The bat features high quality laser etched 3D stickers. The short-handled bat is available in light (2.6-2.9) and medium (2.9-2.12) weights.

The bat comes with a high quality padded cover. The cost of the bat ranges from 700 to 750 pounds depending on where you buy it.

2022 CA Legend Cricket Bat – Pakistan

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2022 by Popular Brands - CA Legend Cricket Bat 2022

It is one of the most expensive cricket bats handcrafted in Pakistan from super English willow, with over 10+9+ straight grains. It is a world-class professional player’s bat, with excellent craftsmanship.

Careful attention is noticeable in the carving of every corner and edge. The bat does not have a sticker, but instead has an AC laser sculpt.

The CA Sports emblem is sealed on the handle. A unique number is visible on the face of each bat. The toe guard part of the bat uses nothing less than Glass Protek technology, which is suitable for all weather conditions.

The stylistic and innovative bat with exemplary weight balance is a creation for power hitters. Reviewing the bat through a YouTube video, Wasiq of Wasiq Sports says:

“This willow tree is exceptional. The pickup is really good.

This long lasting bat costs close to the price of £700. Many international cricketers play the sport with a CA bat.

D&P Denim I Bat 2022 – South Africa

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2022 by Popular Brands - D&P Denim I Bat 2022

It is one of the most expensive cricket bats from South Africa based D&P Cricket. This is a handcrafted bat made from premium English willow, which allows for ultimate batting power.

The bat is suitable for anyone who plays professionally or wants that professional feel. The short-handled bat is pre-smoothed and recessed. It also includes a toe guard and a scuff guard.

D&P bats are used by several South African players, this one costing around £500.

There are many other expensive bats offered by various brands around the world, many of which are from the same aforementioned countries.

These brands include Spartan Australia, Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) India, Gun & Moore (GM) UK, Malik Bats Pakistan and DSC Fearless India to name a few.

A notable omission is the SS Gunther (£1500, which comes in the form of a pair of bats, made by Sareen Sports Industries India.

All of the above bats can be expensive, but their durability will be exceptional if properly maintained.

Cricketers can purchase these bats from their local sports store or online through global ports.