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Hednesford Town Football Club – Replica shirts available for collection this Saturday…..

Hello everyone, Thank you very much for your patience. The wait is almost over…. Yes, that’s right, from this home game on Saturday (August 6, 2022), when the club shop next opens from 1pm, all your pre-ordered and reserved merchandise will be available for collection in the club shop. For those who haven’t pre-ordered yet, […]

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Corporate Radar Company Hosts Tanzanian Government Officials | House

Enterprise Electronics Corp. (EEC), a locally founded and globally recognized company, recently hosted visitors from the government of Tanzania, an East African country known for being home to safari mecca, the Serengeti National Park and the Kilimanjaro National Park. Park, home to the tallest mountain in Africa. Although the seven visitors shared information about their […]

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Norwich Location agency joins landlords with leading UK brands

A Norfolk-based location agency is expanding to help even more owners turn their properties into locations for some of the UK’s biggest brands. East Coast Locations is the sister company of modeling agency Sandra Reynolds and was founded in 2013 as Norfolk Production. It was later rebranded as East Coast Locations and now works regularly […]