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20 Best White T-Shirts For Men To Buy Now (And Wear Forever)

Every man needs a ‘best’ white T-shirt hanging in his wardrobe. But, since the perfectly fitted white t-shirt is always hard to find, we recommend that you arm yourself with a few.

The best white t-shirt for men will work in any situation - it's a true wardrobe staple.  From baggy tees to sleeker slim styles, here are 20 perfect styles.

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The best white t-shirt for men will work in any situation – it’s a true wardrobe staple. From baggy tees to sleeker slim styles, here are 20 perfect styles.

There are slim and baggy styles that create completely different silhouettes (the former being a bit smarter, as long as you don’t go overboard in an effort to show off those gains). There are playful printed designs that give off a weekend and WFH look, or sweat-wicking versions designed for workout days.

Naturally, we’ve included some great examples of these t-shirts in our helpful edit. But if you’re a basic wardrobe type who prefers to keep things simple, we suggest sticking strictly to the “perfect white t-shirt” section.

Yes here are a few white hero t-shirts that really do it all: slim-right styles that go well with everything from jeans and joggers to suits. We’ve managed to narrow it down to four, so you can find your “one” (and once you do, don’t let go, there’s nothing more disappointing than an abandoned wardrobe ).

Keep scrolling to see our pick of the best men’s white t-shirts to buy in 2022.

The perfect white t-shirt

Spoiler alert: perfection is totally subjective. But we’ll go ahead and let you know what makes a white t-shirt perfect for men’s healthIn any event.

It’s slim, but not too tight, to flatter your body while being easy to layer with sweaters, jackets, shirts and suits. While we love a form-fitting tee or a dramatic boxy silhouette, the perfect white tee is like the playmaker on a football team – it should facilitate and create harmony, rather than dominate your outfit.

Asket is number one for us in fit, but Topman’s bargain style has a stand-up collar that will really up your style game (and look great with the tailoring). If you’ve fallen in love with iterations from Calvin Klein or AllSaint, you’re in luck: Both options come in a three-pack so you can keep them in constant rotation.

The Best Slim Fit White T-Shirts

Listen, we get it, when you’re religiously counting macros and constantly firing off those upper body workouts, you might want to show off a bit. Enter: the slim fit white T-shirt.

This design will subtly cling to your biceps and hence let everyone know how hard you worked. Now, whether you want to show off a hint of body or go all out with a muscle tee, it’s up to you. But, when in doubt, do as David Beckham does and leave some room for imagination.

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The best loose white t-shirts

However, there is nothing more fashion than a loose white t-shirt. And when we say loose, we mean boxy – the longer your sleeves stick out, the better.

The dressiest of men will tuck his into very high waisted pants this season, but you can dive into the trend with a pair of straight leg jeans.

Sculptural designs and stretchy fabrics don’t tend to mix – so buy too cheap and you’ll end up with dropped sleeves and a neckline that slowly drops to the south. Our advice for shopping on the main street? Opt for a thick undershirt and a crew-neck top or a high neck to ensure that your t-shirt retains its shape.

The best weekend white t-shirts

Baggy t-shirts are great for the weekend, as they’re super comfy, but they can look a little too plain (read: boring) when you’re out for drinks at night. A graphic tee is the perfect solution, and you can always spark conversation at the bar with your slogans.

Ok, there are no provocative puns on the t-shirts we’ve included, as we’ve gone for a bit of versatility with this understated offering. Our favorite option is from Carhartt – the brand every man needs in his wardrobe. We love its revisited basics that always wink at streetwear trends.

The best white t-shirts for working out

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but classic t-shirts aren’t the best for working out. Cotton is breathable, yes, but the absorbency is high, which means it will suck up all your sweat (pleasant) and cool on your skin, which is especially useless in winter.

What you need instead is a white sweat-wicking t-shirt. We’ve found some great synthetic options from sportswear brands, but the winning design is from Lululemon – it’s made with odor-resistant technology and has mesh panels for ultimate comfort and breathability. Plus, the seams are designed to reduce chafing – so you don’t have to worry about sweating sessions with this baby.

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