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13 Best Instant Coffee Brands, Ranked

Cold brew is a great way to change up your coffee routine, especially in the warmer months, and there are plenty of ways to get quick and convenient cold brew at home: liquid concentrates, dehydrated granules, carafes ready to drink or plain. -serving bottles. Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrates come in convenient Keurig pod-shaped containers that are meant to make a single 8-ounce serving of cold brew by simply adding water.

It’s hard not to compare the packaged cold brew concentrate to the equivalent drink made on-site at Starbucks – to nitro cold brew, in particular, there’s no competition – and while there is certainly a milder taste in fresh cold brew straight from the coffee, Starbucks’ instant version stands out from Trader Joe’s version for its full-bodied and bright flavor. We taste hints of graham, honey, and raisins in this bittersweet brew, hinting at a quality medium to medium-dark roast. Plus, cold brew from Starbucks Concentrate will stand up to flavored creamers, syrups, sugar, or other add-ins.

However, at nearly $10 for six capsules (Target), paying over $1.50 per serving for cold brew definitely makes it a less affordable everyday option than jugs or powders, as well as hot coffee.